COVID-19 Guidelines & Best Practice for Sports & Tennis Camps

Green Tree is a large and spacious facility which makes it much easier to spread the kids out and keep in separate groups. Additionally, many of the camp activities are outside. Of course, the kids swim from 1-2 pm and then swim lessons at 3:30-4:30 pm in the pool. The younger and older kids are routinely broken out during games, snack, tennis, movie time and swim lessons. We will be adding a separation of the younger and older kids at lunch time as well.

Two key facts that I wanted to share with you regarding the corona virus: 1) It survives for much shorter periods of time at high temperatures and high humidity. San Antonio is hot and humid. 2). Chlorine kills the virus and renders it inactive. The GT pool is on an automated system that chlorinates the pool.

We will be following guidelines & Best Practice for COVID-19 management:

  1. The temperatures of camp staff will be taken prior to them starting work. If any staff should have a temperature of 100 degrees or more, they will be sent home.
  2. We will be taking the temperature of camp kids as they arrive each morning. If any child should have a temperature of 100 degrees or more, the parent will be asked to take the child home.
  3. We will be regulating the flow and number of kids entering and departing spaces to ensure safe distancing.
  4. On the decks, we will be setting chairs up in adherence with social distancing guidelines.
  5. There will be a no handshake policy.
  6. There will be no sharing of food, drinks, or cups.
  7. We will have camp ice water jugs on the decks only. We will continue to use the disposable cups. A camp staff person will dispense the water from the jugs for the kids. Kids will not touch the jugs.
  8. We will not be offering the Lunch Meal Ticket. Parents will need to pack a lunch much like they do for school. We will have canned drinks plus gatorade and bottled water available for purchase along with chips and other items that are individually wrapped.
  9. We will place hand sanitizer dispensers at a number of places around the club.
  10. We will introduce additional times for kids to wash their hands and routinely remind them to do so.
  11. We will practice social distancing on the ct. decks when breaking. We will practice social distancing on court while instructing.
  12. Bathrooms are sanitized daily. Tables in sports camp building will be cleaned with disinfectant after kids go out for tennis at 10 am. They will be sanitized at the end of the day when camp is completed.

The first session of camp is still weeks away. We will make a call regarding staff wearing face masks during non-exercise times like stations, lunch, movie time. It is highly likely that this will be the case. As we get ourselves ready for camp, there may be other items that we will be adding to our list.

Courtney P. Mayer, USPTA
HEAD/Penn Ad Staff Team
Green Tree Tennis Club Director