COVID-19 Guidelines & Best Practice for Group Swimming Lessons

Green Tree is a large and spacious outdoor facility with a junior Olympic size pool. Two key facts regarding the corona virus: 1) It survives for much shorter periods of time at high temperatures and high humidity. San Antonio is hot and humid. 2). Chlorine kills the virus and renders it inactive. The GT pool is on an automated system that chlorinates the pool.

We will be following guidelines & Best Practice for COVID-19 management for GROUP SWIM LESSONS:

  1. For parent(s) watching their child’s swim lessons, we require social distancing from other parents. We will have fewer tables set up around the pool with a 6 ft. distance between them. We will have a number of chairs also that can be moved for proper distancing.
  2. We will have hand sanitizer at various tables around the pool.
  3. The bathrooms and tables are being sanitized daily.
  4. Swimming is a form of exercise so facemasks are not required for the kids.
  5. Facemasks for the parents are not required but certainly may be used at your discretion.
  6.  Temperatures will be taken of swim lesson staff, participants and parents. If any of those mentioned should have a temperature reading of 100 degrees or more, they will politely be asked to leave.

NOTE: 1) We ask that you don’t bring any guests when attending group swim lessons and 2) If you or your child are not feeling well, please do not come to swim lessons.

The first session of swim lessons is still weeks away. As we get ourselves ready, there may be other items that we will be adding to our list.

Courtney P. Mayer, USPTA
HEAD/Penn Ad Staff Team
Green Tree Tennis Club Director