2019 Tournament Results

The 29th annual TURKEY Tournament is a wrap! The weather was absolutely perfect to host 375 players in twenty five different tennis events at two fabulous sites. What a wonderful weekend we had of competitive tennis. We handed out 38 turkeys and 38 cornish hens! That’s a LOT of meat!

The 3.5 and 4.0 men’s draws were the large draws of the tournament. Both the 3.5 and 4.0 men’s singles draws had 24 players in them; the 3.5 doubles draw had 18 teams and the men’s 4.0 doubles draw 13 teams. The mixed draws were also very good with the 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and Open draws all having a number of teams and quite competitive. The mixed 7.0, 8.0 and Open draws were especially competitive with several three set matches.

We had several father/son teams playing in the tournament which we love. Also father/daughter and I’m sure we had some  other combinations. Scott Wilbur played with his youngest daughter, Brianna, and won the mixed open. David Daniel played with his son, Deuce, and they won a very tough finals match in the men’s open.

I would like to thank my Green Tree staff for all their help in making the tournament run smoothly and successfully. Eric Romasanta,  David Dehoyos and Sebastian Gilder handled tourney  desk duties at Green Tree; John Gomez made sure the courts were blown off and that there was fresh ice water on all the courts and Sianna Ayala handled snack bar duties and helped at the tournament desk. A special thanks to Sheri Anderson who got all the morning goodies ready for the players along with fresh fruit.  Kat Roohan from Blossom handled the tournament desk there. Eric was great help there as well. A special thanks to Patrick Johnson for letting us use the Tennis Center once again. He and his staff are so easy to work with.

We had a wonderful weekend of tennis and thank you to all who played in this very special and unique tournament. We love hosting the tournament and are so glad that you joined us for a weekend of fun and competitive tennis. We wish you a wonderful Holiday season! We hope to see you in 2020 for a special anniversary year when we will celebrate 30 years of hosting this tournament!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Courtney & the Green Tree Staff.


Tournament Photos